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Owner of Chalice Farms | Washington

"Working with Natalie was one of the best practices I implemented in my barn. With 17 horses on my property, feeding all age ranges and performance levels was challenging. Natalie helped me create a efficient, cost effective plan that IMPROVED the balance of nutrition for all the horses. It's a joy to work with someone as knowledgeable as Natalie. I appreciate her support and recommendations immensely. On a scale of 1-10 -- she's a 19!"

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Manager of Orrion Farm | Washington & Arizona

"Hello, my name is Doug Leadley. I have managed Orrion Farms for over 20 years. Orrion Farms is a large Arabian horse breeding operation with locations in Ellensburg Washington, and Scottsdale Arizona. I have the horse handling expertise but I never had a comfortable handle on nutrition. My biggest concern was our broodmares and recipient mares. In 2017, I reached out to Natalie Shaw for some counseling. She organized a comprehensive feeding and supplement program for all of our horses. Soon after, our farm Veterinarian Dr. Joe Bergevin commented that our foals legs and foot issues had dropped dramatically. Orrion Farms continues to follow the feeding program Natalie designed."



Dressage Trainer | Montana

"I am a dressage instructor and trainer with 40 plus years of experience yet I wasn’t totally satisfied with the results I was getting with current my feeding program. I sought out Natalie's expertise and she has been invaluable in helping us streamline and define the nutrition for all three of our horses that have completely different feed needs. She walked us through the steps of learning how to balance those needs, using the feed company that we prefer, to achieve our performance and health goals. The result reduced our costs by more than 30%. I highly recommend Natalie's course no matter what your experience level is with feeding horses!"

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Owner of Cedar Creek Farm

"In the short time that we were able to work together with my Andalusians, Natalie gave me insightful info on sugar content in hay. After she gave me results from the hay test, it was obvious that changes needed to be made. My mares are very easy keepers, plus I have had repeat incidents of colics. With her suggestions of switching to teff hay, plus ration balancer, I have had no colics & my mares just seem happier in general! I am so appreciative of her knowledge. Many thanks!!"

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Owner of Summervale Farm | Washington

"I am grateful to Natalie Shaw for taking the time to hear what I thought my problem was and gently educating me to what might be going on. Her solution is not more, expensive grain but developing a balanced, high quality feed program. Natalie is open to experimentation and is open to connecting you to other professionals that may be helpful in solving your equine nutrition problems. The horses have never looked better and I am much more confident in assessing issues. Thank you Natalie!"

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Owner of Rocky Bay Equine Repro

"Natalie is a true horsewoman! She completely understands that horses can be everything from high-powered athletes, to foals, to seniors, and that all of them are beloved pets. She is a careful listener and has gone above and beyond to give the best nutritional guidance for each horse on my farm.
Natalie has a wealth of knowledge on equine nutrition which she gladly communicates to her clients in a clear manner. I myself have taken animal nutrition courses in college and have a good understanding of equine nutritional needs. Natalie takes it to the next level. If I've ever had a question that she wasn't 100% sure on, she has reached out to her mentors for verification."



Owner of Lope On In

"Natalie is hands on. She came to our farm and personally looked at each of our individual horses. We then worked together to come up with a feed program that worked for the barn as a whole. The effects of our change was dramatic in our horses that were hard keepers."



A partnership with OCEN

Dr. Joey Bergevin, the sought after vet at Central Washington Equine Hospital, has partnered with OCEN to offer clients trusted and valued equine nutrition information. Follow this link to learn more.



Manager at Infinity Ranch

"I have so much good stuff to say about working with Natalie at On Course Equine Nutrition. Natalie’s 15 minute discovery call brought me a big sigh of relief. We are now 30 days in to her 90 day program, and I can honestly say she has provided me with the most valuable education, support and insight that I could ever have asked for as a new professional in this industry. Trying to navigate the ins and outs of each individual horse’s nutrition is a full time job, and Natalie has done an incredible job of taking the guess work out of the process, simplifying the feeding routine, prioritizing cost effective choices, balancing the calories/fat/protein/trace minerals/carb/etc needs of each horse- all while creating an inviting learning space for me to soak up her wisdom along the way. She is motivating me to  share what I’ve learned, ask more questions and do more research before blindly feeding whatever the current barn offers, and I am SO grateful we have her in our pocket to keep our horses feeling their best, achieving their ideal weights and living their healthiest lives! My vets were thrilled to hear we were working with Natalie and even our most senior vet agreed that even they don’t have the time to dedicate to staying up to date education on all the latest in nutrition, so having access to a nutritionist like Natalie is GOLD for every horse owner."

If you’re ready to succeed, On Course Equine Nutrition is ready to help. Call us today to set up a consultation.

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