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Building Community While Making Better Horse Diets

OCEN's Founding Principles

- Forage First Decisions

- Simplicity over Complexity

- Safe, Sound, and Affordable

- Clear & Purposeful Supplementation

- Free from Selling Bias

- Comprehensive, Creative, and Compassionate Problem Solving!

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A horsewoman who has improved thousands of feed rooms across the country.

Natalie Sullivan is an independent equine nutritionist with a vast amount of professional equine nutrition education and experience helping horse owners build better horse diets since 2006. Natalie brings fresh insight and healthy perspective on feeding horses gained from stepping into thousands of feed rooms and working with veterinarians, specialists, and researchers across the United States. Her comprehensive, creative, and compassionate methods have led to her popularity and success.

Natalie is a member of the Equine Science Society, a Professional Animal Scientist, and Graduate A in the United State Pony Club. Her masters degree focused on low carb horse diets in the prevention of laminitis. She has developed teff based feed products for horses with Equine Metabolic Syndrome. She launched the Low Carb Horse Hay website and certification program in 2017 to encourage more forage growers to grow teff and other low-carb hays. She also launched Rate My Horse Supplement in 2020 to help horse owners sift through the marketing and opinions that ravage our equine nutrition industry.

More importantly, Natalie is an owner and competitor like you; 4 horses, 5 acres, a few competitions a year, LOTS of lessons, shelves of horse training books, and irrationally passionate behavior that her husband tolerates. She has been competing her horse Stella Doro at the Preliminary level of eventing for two years and is raising 3 other young horses for the sport. Horses are her profession, hobby and community.

Clients that work with Natalie will improve their horse's diets, gain confidence in their feed room while also saving money and time. Invest in your feeding future by clicking the services link below or email 

*OCEN is unaffiliated with any feed or supplement company and does not receive compensation for any recommended product.

100% Client Satisfaction
*As reported by an anonymous survey

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