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Does your horse's feed program give you anxiety? Natalie is developing resources that help horse owners get a grip on their feeds and supplements.

  • Case Study Library

  • Rate My Horse Supplement Reviews

  • Low Carb Horse Hay Certification


Learn from real-life horses and humans.

One of the best perks to joining the OCEN Community is the case study library. Natalie offers abbreviated consultations for owners with unique equine needs who agree to have feed plan changes published. She has compiled these real world lessons into publications that arrive in your inbox each month. If you have a very unique feed need, you can apply to receive a free, one month case study consult. *Case study consults are very limited.

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A review site for feeds and supplements.

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Are you overwhelmed by the plethora of equine nutrition products and opinions out there? Over her career in the equine nutrition industry, Natalie has developed a unique system for judging horse feeds and supplements that is mostly practical and a bit critical. 
Rate My Horse Supplement uses fact based evidence and company interviews to create ratings- not opinion, tradition, or myth. Click below to be taken to Rate My Horse Supplement website. Categories include digestive aids, joint supplements, protein supplements, ration balancers, and more.



Linking horse owners with responsible hay growers.

Low Carb Horse Hay (LCHH) was created to help build a steady supply of controlled and Certified low carbohydrate hay products and meet the emerging demand. The LCHH Directory will connect horse owners to: 1) local hay farmers growing forages specifically to be low in non-structural carbohydrates, 2) retail stores that sell Certified low carb hay, and 3) distributors / hay haulers also offering LCHH Certified product. LCHH Certification will specify 1 of 3 low carbohydrate LEVELS, so the horse owner may make the best decision on the hay appropriate for their horse.

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