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Wed, Nov 08


Lectures + Worksheets Via Email

- NOVEMBER ON DEMAND- How to Choose the Right Feeds & Supplements in 5 Parts

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the quantity of equine nutrition products and opinions out there then this course is for you! In five lectures Natalie teaches equestrians how to better balance horse diets without lengthy math problems or spending a fortune. Invest NOW in your feeding future!

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- NOVEMBER ON DEMAND- How to Choose the Right Feeds & Supplements in 5 Parts
- NOVEMBER ON DEMAND- How to Choose the Right Feeds & Supplements in 5 Parts

Time & Location

Nov 08, 2023, 12:00 AM – Nov 30, 2023, 12:00 AM

Lectures + Worksheets Via Email

About the Event

Start anytime! In five lectures, over 4 weeks, Natalie teaches horse owners how to balance their horse’s diets without lengthy math problems or spending a fortune. She teaches little-known, but very powerful industry secrets that will give you confidence and purpose at the feed store, with your hay distributor, and while shopping online.


1. Traditional equine nutrition education is sooooo boring! Digestive anatomy? Formulation? Who cares??? That stuff doesn’t help you at the feed store or when purchasing supplements online! This course gives you simple, repeatable steps to follow to ensure you're getting the best value with each product. We call that "Purposeful Scooping"!

2. Feeding your horse is the greatest daily expense to owning them and it’s getting more expensive all the time…not to mention, more complicated! Most owners don't know what they are spending PER DAY on their feed and supplements. This course gives you real world tools for tackling your worst fears about feed and supplement expenses.

3. Equine nutrition information is often incredibly biased coming directly from people selling their products. With so much mis-information, myths, and half-truths out there, the supplement industry has been allowed to get out of control! How do you weed through the giant poop pile of information out there? This course empowers you to think smart, think for yourself, and rationalize to a balanced ration.


The cost for the 5 lecture course is $139 per participant. That's less than $29 per lecture which is far less than I pay for my weekly group jump lessons! You can pay via PayPal with any card or even try Venmo. It's super easy! Natalie's goal is to save the average horse owner at LEAST a $1 a day to feed their horses which is an annual savings of $365 per HORSE per YEAR just by taking this course. That means you pay yourself back in just 4 months!!!

Registration signs you up for all 5 lectures. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email and lecture #1 recording. After that, you will be "drip fed" lectures #2-#5 in three weeks along with optional homework worksheets and extra reading material. Emails arrive on Mondays and Wednesdays. You will also have free access to the next Guest Lecture- a $15 value!


Lecture 1: "Get a Grip on Your Feeds & Supplements- The FeedFLIP Method"

Learn Natalie's FeedFLIP method of feeding horses and apply this simple principle to your current feed program to become the smartest feeder at your barn. Explore the range of feeds and supplements available and how to compare them in the most honest way possible. Natalie has developed simple tricks to breaking the feed label code and empowering horse owners to walk into the feed store like a boss!


"Totally worth it. I watched the first lecture and have already learned so much! Can’t wait to learn more in the coming weeks!" - D. Carlin (OK)

"This course is SO worth it! I was amazed at how much I learned." - J.J. (Florida)

Lecture 2: "Stop Guessing & Start Gloating- The Forage First Factor"

Stop GUESSING about what your horse truly requires in his diet from feeds or supplements! Now that you have a basic understanding of labels, it's important to back pedal to a clear understanding of your horses' primary forage source (i.e. hay or pasture). Natalie will teach you how to prioritize your forage factors to empower you, not only at the feed store, but with your hay distributor! This is not your typical boring nutrition lecture about horse hay. This is a power packed tool to help you save "TONS" of money for a lifetime of owning horses.

Lecture 3: "Equine Energy Balance- Carbs Versus Calories"

Some of the most common questions when it comes to feeding horses is "How do I make a skinny horse fat?" and "How do I make a fat horse skinny?". We'll take that a step further using the information we've built upon in previous lectures to design diets that are appropriate for individual horses without spending MORE! Plus, what are these carbohydrates anyway and why are they good or bad for my horse(s)? We’ll take a magnifying glass to the ingredients list so you can decide for yourself.

"As an ex pony clubber I thought I had a good grasp on nutrition…until I took Natalie’s course. What a game changer! This is a great way to improve your education, simplify your feeding programs and save yourself some money!" - A. Cameron (MT)

Lecture 4: "The HITECH World of Horse Feeds & Supplements"

There is so much more in today's feeds and supplements than most people realize. Learn how to identify the different types of technologies (again by studying the ingredients list) so you don’t “double dip” and understand what they can do for you and your horse. We'll explore a wide range of supplements and find out if they add value to your horse's diet or not.

Lecture 5: "Gaining Feed Room Autonomy & The Cost Calculator"

In this lecture we complete our examination of feed & supplement labels by taking a  closer look at the guaranteed analysis. Then, we consider what an average equine diet plan costs and how to calculate those costs for yourself using the cost calculator template. Finally, Natalie reviews all the tools you've been given in this lecture series to gain feed room autonomy!


"I'm so excited to take all this in and finally feel educated enough to make the best decisions for my horses. Natalie is great at explaining everything and at the same time keeping it simple. Thanks so much, my only regret is not doing this sooner!!" -C.Agren (OR)

"Natalie’s class is fantastic! I recently moved barns and feel so confident about the food changes I need to make for my mare due to the easy to understand information Natalie shared. The feed store is no longer overwhelming. She makes learning about forage fun and exciting - you can’t go wrong taking this class!" -S. Griner (WA)

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course! Natalie has an incredible way of explaining things, so that you not only understand, but stay interested and are sad when the class is over for the night. She has fact based knowledge, not just testimonials, and a fair and unbiased approach to presenting her material. I highly, highly recommend this course!" -N. Novik (ID)


  • Invest in Your Feeding Future!

    Includes registration for all 5 lectures

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