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Would you Trade Horse for Husband?

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

We love our husbands at least as much as we love our horses, right? We care about their physical, mental, and emotional well being on a daily basis- the husband I mean. So why doesn't SmartPak have a catalogue for them? Their motto could be "Power Your Partner" instead of "Power Your Passion"? Here are 10 ways to make your hubby feel special!


1. Your husband tends to get overly stimulated while watching his favorite team play football, and it interferes with your work. You could grind up some SmartCalm Ultra pellets and sprinkle over his chicken wings? However, PRO TIP*, if you substitute turkey wings instead, the addition tryptophan might do the trick without those miserable fillers!

2. You've purchased a new horse, but haven't told the husband yet. Sneak a dollop of CBD into his beer to mitigate his stress when he finds out? I haven't done this YET, but anecdotal evidence and lots of five star reviews gives me a lot of confidence.

3. If your husband is an easy keeper, I would suggest the SmartEssential Pellets! This has the added advantage of addressing itchy dry skin that he complains about.

4. Salt his breakfast pancakes with electrolytes on extra hot Sundays or before long distance commutes to work. This speaks volumes to your undying love.

5. We want our husbands to be able to change the oil on the truck and rotate tires on the trailer for many, many years to come. His longevity of use is VERY important, so add tumeric to his smoothies everyday.

WHAT?!?! You're not adding tumeric to your husbands' every meal?!!? What a horrible wife you are!

6. Do you know how many milligrams of hyaluronic acid are necessary for his joint health? I don't either...Just sprinkle some SmartFlex Ultimate Pellets on his lunch salad and use GutX for dressing.

7. Maybe your husband was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I recommend the Uckele G.T.F Chromium and TSF 100! We have no idea how these ingredients will work alongside his doctor prescribed medication, but that's what insurance is for, am I right!?!

8. Have you considered hyper-supplementing him with garlic to ward off those pesky mosquitoes all summer? Perhaps the Bye Bye Fly from Hilton Herbs cold pressed garlic granules would be palatable in his stir-fry.

9. The SmartDark & Handsome is an absolute must to prevent balding. If there is no balding in his family tree, feed 1 scoop per day (26 grams), but if there is balding on his mother's side, give him 10 scoops per day!

10. And, finally, for the snorer in your bed, feed the SmartBreath pellets everyday from our very convenient auto-shipped smartwells. You won't regret it!

***VERY IMPORTANT: Obviously I'm poking fun at the ridiculousness of equine supplementation and you should NEVER, NEVER, EVER sneak your horse's supplements into your husband's diet. The power of these supplement companies to convince us that a scoop of this or that is, not only helpful, but absolutely critical to being a good horse owner is beyond logic. Obviously, I think that 99.99999% of supplements on the market today are absolutely absurd.

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