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To My Horse Community

I was simply going to repost an earlier blog ("My Horse's Gift to Me") today, but then last night happened. What happened last night riding around in the indoor with my local besties? L.I.F.E. So much life including death, family, health, and lame horses. It was one of the more emotional Sunday Jump Nights we've had. Everyone arrived strung out and stressed from the days and weeks previous, but everyone came regardless. As we bounced through a small grid, we yelled out our frustrations and let the cold darkness take them away. We didn't accomplish much with our horses, but we left with unloaded baggage and loaded hearts. I realize that last night encompassed so much of WHY I ride.

As I get older, I realize that my horse community is what makes it all worth it; the daily grind of feeding and cleaning pens, the bankrupting cost, the hundreds of miles behind the windshield, the frustrations and failures. From horse neighbors who feed when I'm gone, to my regular jump school buddies and horse show companions I feel that my horse community has never been stronger or more vibrant. It makes me infinitely happy.

So, to my horse community, here is my holiday love letter. Whether I see you often or only message on social media. Whether you're a new acquaintance or a long time friend who knows my intimate history. Whether you're an OCEN client, my competition at the horse show, a professional on my horses' team, or a fellow rebel rouser, THANK YOU. THANK YOU for making my life deeply rich and fulfilling. My cup is running over!

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