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The Herds' New Year's Determinations

I've been struggling to come up with some cohesive, meaningful 2023 goals for myself which is rather strange, so I gave my horses some New Year's Determinations instead!

What are your horse's New Year's Determinations? Tell us in the comments.

Coulee's New Year's Determinations 2023:

  1. Be more considerate by closing the gate behind me when I let myself out. My pasture mates are not supposed to leave too.

  2. Believe Natalie when she says that the clipper blades on my poll will not split my head open.

  3. Refrain from chewing on the new trees in the pasture.

  4. Clean up my mess when eating grain. The dog is eating the rest and getting fat.

  5. Stand still for more than 30 seconds when the farrier comes to trim my feet, the saddle fitter comes to assess, the vet wants to give me a vaccine....I suppose I just need to learn to stand still [period].

  6. Complete 4 Novice level recognized events with zero jump faults. Possibly move up to training level at the end of the year, because I'm so brave.

Firn's 2023 New Year's Determinations:

  1. Stop chewing on the nice new fence built for me.

  2. Learn how to pee without getting it all over my tail.

  3. That's it, because I'm perfect.

Three years ago this month, while listening to one of my favorite podcast, Death, Sex, and Money by WNYC Studios, I came across the practice of creating New Year's Determinations rather than Resolutions. While the difference may seem unimportant, the story behind it is definitely worth a listen. Check it out on this link or search for it wherever you get your podcasts- "Saeed Jones's New Year's Determinations". Since then, I've kept a short list in Notes each year with my "determinations". There are between 5 and 6 each year ranging from horse show and business goals to creating new habits. I've never accomplished 100% of my list for the year. Last year I wrote down "make it a habit to take my own bags into the grocery store". Did I do that? Not even once I'm super embarrassed to say.

Stella's 2023 New Year's Determinations:

  1. Get pregnant and stay pregnant!!!

  2. Get sound and stay sound!!!

  3. Don't kill myself during fireworks holidays.

Beauzar "The Baby" 2023 New Year's Determinations:

  1. Make new friends at my new home.

  2. Grow steady and strong.

  3. Learn 3-5 tricks like moving away from pressure, standing in cross ties, and getting into all the trailers.

If you have some big DETERMINATIONS for your horse in 2023, then don't let the complexity and cost of feeding them get in the way. Schedule a FREE 15 Minute Discovery Call by CLICKING HERE. The first step of any equine nutrition planning is to determine your precise goals! Perhaps you would like to move up a level in your showing? Mitigate symptoms of disease? Prevent ulcers? Simplify your feed room? Or just better understand the supplement marketplace? OCEN is unaffiliated with any feed or supplement company and can help you weed through the seemingly endless choices and confounding advice to meet those goals! Good luck in 2023, everyone!!!

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