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REPOST: How NOT to flood the pasture/paddock every time you fill the water trough.

Asking for a friend! Ok, ok, the friend is me. My husband has found the pasture flooded multiple times in one week, and his "look" this morning cut sharp. So, I need a reminder how NOT to flood the yard/barn/paddock every time that I fill the water tank! Includes 10 crowd-sourced hacks with pictures and links as well as my favorite hack at the end!

I posted this picture yesterday with the caption "Every SINGLE darn time" and the long list of water filling hacks surprised me and made me chuckle. Turns out ....I'm NOT the only one....! But, it also seems that I have a lot of very clever social media friends that are much more disciplined than I am about setting timers. Now starts the list...

  1. Ask Siri to set an alarm for guesstimated time needed to fill to desired level. Sounds simple doesn't it!?!

  2. Put your wedding ring on a different finger until you have turned off the faucet. Another idea was to wear your hat backwards, but I don't commonly wear hats.

  3. Purchase a stock tank float. These things only cost about $12-$24 on Amazon, but my problem is that I want to be able to monitor what my horses are drinking. I don't use automatic waterers for this reason.

  4. Embrace the overfill seeing as it helps clean out the water tank and minimizes scrubbing. It also waters the dogs and local wildlife.

  5. The Auto Shut Off Pump Nozzle [CLICK HERE FOR LINK]- this could be the ticket!!! I knew I Loved the Orange Slow Feeder guys. Placing one in my cart.

  6. Install automatic waterers for thousands of dollars. As I mentioned before, I want to know how much my horses are drinking. So, yes, maybe I'm shooting myself in the foot here.

  7. Something about using the "innards" of the toilet. I think he meant that I should be inspired to design a water tank shaped like a toilet that uses the same physics.

  8. Put a hair tie on your spigot (yes this is the correct spelling) that then goes on your wrist when you are filling troughs. If I do this, I'll need a really large fluffy, annoying hair tie, so that I don't forget that I have it on my wrist. Turns out that there are also specialized, and very cute, wrist bands sold on Etsy or Howdy Horse that do the same thing. CLICK HERE FOR LINK.

  9. A timer for the faucet. Also, a very, very good idea that I could get behind. Just search "Faucet Timers" on Amazon or Google.

  10. And my favorite...turn your pockets of your jacket or pants inside out until the faucet is off!!! Caveat is that you obviously have to be wearing clothing with pockets, but it would help clean out the pockets of hay and dirt collected while doing horse chores!

*Things I could buy to help solve my problem.

And there you have it- 10 hacks for never forgetting the water trough filling ever again! No more ponds for local fauna to drink from. No more mud created that your dog tracks into the house. No more frantic calls to your neighbor, because you forgot to turn off the water before leaving on your vacation. And thank you Facebook friends for all the great advice.


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