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Feed Room Fashion Show

*Yes, this is a ridiculous but entertaining competition! Between September 2021and January 2022, submit a photo of your fabulous feed room fashion attire [#feedroomfashion] and be entered to win OCEN swag plus a free 3 Month Guided Nutrition Practice Private Consultation!

I think high fashion has a thing or two to learn from equestrians; the absence of ego, really exploring the outer limits, and embracing the function with the fashion! I can't begin to tell you how absolutely ridiculous I look most mornings when I head out to feed. I'm always up first, so I typically grope around in the pitch black looking for things that won't collect too much hay. Then, I may or may not cover it all up with my favorite [albeit hideous] robe that is the perfect weight for most seasons. Then, there's a big decision to make about the safety, warmth and convenience of footwear. Ok, so it's mostly about convenience and NEVER about fashion, but now we get to have some fun with it!

On the other side of ridiculous (hope the neighbors don't see) attire is the clean (I hope I don't get poop or slobber stains on this) attire. I was caught recently doing barn chores minutes before leaving on date night, and I do recall feeding horses in a literal prom dress back in high school. I'm going to start posting my best/worst @feedroomfashion and hope that you will too! Submit before January 30th, 2022 and be entered to win one of several categories; most mismatched, most misinformed, most convenient, and most colorful. *Please keep it PG!

OCEN's Feed Room Fashion is now on social media! This is a place for equestrians to post their best and worst feeding attire; the not-so matchy-matchy, Prom dresses, lucky socks, crazy hats and hay-velcro sweaters. All friends of OCEN, LLC can submit their favorite photos by email, messenger or instagram!

Ways to Enter

1. Post to Instagram @feedroomfashion

3. Send via Messenger to On Course Equine Nutrition

WINNER GETS A 3 Month Guided Nutrition Practice IN SPRING 2022!- CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS


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