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How Much Do You Know About Equine Nutrition?

Take the On Course Equine Nutrition Quiz to find out! CLICK HERE.

Have you ever had a riding instructor that repeats the same thing over and over again to their students no matter the skill level? Maybe it's about body alignment for good balance, or awareness of timing for good cues, or maybe you have to be reminded every lesson to look where you're going!?! Well, that instructor is being insistent on good BASICS, right? And those great basics are the foundation for future success in any discipline.

Formulating great equine diets is all about great basics! It's about getting the calories, carbs, protein and trace nutrients right every time with every horse. Then, and only then, can all the "cherries on top" be added to optimize every bit of your horse's talent. At On Course Equine Nutrition, I'm all about instilling really great equine nutrition basics to every horse owner so that they can confidently feed the horse they have right now and the horses that they have in the future! That's why there are so many ways to learn from unbiased sources at OCEN, LLC. You can join a guest lecture, listen to a library of expert recordings, read free articles, and take a full length equine nutrition course!

Start your exploration with this FREE Equine Nutrition Quiz and test your knowledge of all things digestive. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete, and you'll receive a coupon code at the end!


16-21 Points = Equine Nutrition Superstar!!!
10-15 Points = Surviving. But your horse could benefit from you taking an equine nutrition course!
1-9 Points = Learning more about equine nutrition principles could rocket your horse into a whole new level of health!

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